The Band

Mojo Pin is more than just a band name, it’s the life philosophy of Pat Lawson and his fellow band members Márcio, Archie, Peter, Tom, Viktor and Boris. True to their motto “It’s a kind of magic” these seven passionate professional musicians have the unique ability to enchant their concert audience all around the world. Each song touches hearts and symbolizes the PIN (code) to happiness (Mojo) in its unique way.

Pat Lawson


“Music was my 1st love!”

Márcio Tubino

sax, flute & percussions

“Art is the soul’s laboratory”

Archie Babic

string bass

“Music is magic”

Peter Franz

cajon & drums

“I play the groove to make you move”

Tom Huber

acoustic guitar

“Decoding the world thru music”

Viktor Makhnovich


“My piano is my key to happiness”

Boris Saronja

trumpet & percussions

“Music holds memories”

Mojo Pin

The Band

“It’s not just music -It’s #mojopinmagic”

Mojo Music

Press “play” and dive into the world of #mojopinmusic. From the catwalk at a fashion show or a sophisticated musical accompaniment during a gala dinner, to the latest chart hits that will make your guests dance the night away – Mojo Pin travels around the world and stands for first-class live entertainment at your events.

Our Stages

Dream weddings of Jessica & Toni Kroos (Real Madrid) and Ann-Kathrin & Mario Götze (Borussia Dortmund), VIP events for Porsche or live on stage with Hartmut Engler and his band PUR. Mojo Pin plays for many exclusive clients and A-list celebrities. Here’s just a small excerpt, so make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram and read our stories for more insights.