60 years Breuninger VIP Card #1

Part One

Have you ever wondered what it takes to produce a successful event?

In our new stories series, we’ll take you behind the scenes and show you every step of the way…well, at least from our point of view.

Whenever we receive a request, we have a two hour promise, which means we’ll get back to you within a maximum of two hours, usually in even less time.
We respect your time and know that especially in the corporate world you all need a reply asap.

So let’s take the VIP event at Breuninger Nuremberg in October 2019 as an example.

60 Jahre Breuninger Card
Mojo Pin Logo

We received the request to perform live for an audience of 600 VIP clients for the biggest event to date at Breuninger Nuremberg, celebrating 60 years of Breuninger VIP Card.
After checking our availability, we were happy to move forward and scheduled a first call with our client to get some more insights about their event‘s itinerary.

There was a live fashion show curated by fashion stylist and creative director Graziano Di Cintio.
Catering by 2 Star Michelin Chef Alexander Herrmann, who was also amongst the VIP guests and many more highlights.
All revolving around the center of the entire second floor with our stage right in the heart of it all.

We instantly knew that Mojo Pin and Breuninger would be a perfect fit.

A few emails and phone calls later we were all set and started working on our playlist and song arrangements for the live fashion walk.

When performing in a location that is usually not an event space, we make sure to schedule a site inspection prior to the event as we embrace the creative challenge in concepts like this one.
Thus our bandleader hopped in his car and took to Nuremberg to meet with our client’s event-team and the GM Stefanie Krug….

… Part Two: Site Inspection and final To-do’s