Sarah & Dominic Harrison’s dream wedding

The own wedding is the most special day in every couples lifes. Being able to share this day with all your loved ones creates memories that will last forever.

Sarah, Dominic and their little daughter Mia Rose Harrison, better known as “Team Harrison” are one of the most famous and relatable Influencer families in Germany.
They share their daily life with their more than 3 million followers and let their community be part of their routine as a young and modern family.

The big dream wedding was planned for summer 2019 and anxiously anticipated by  fans, the press and media.
Of course we had the date already marked in our calendar since the couple had booked Mojo Pin as the live act during the welcome dinner and party. A secret we had to keep to ourselves for quite a while to not leak any insights about this dream wedding.

The big day was in August and we arrived early in the morning at one of the most gorgeous locations ‘Hoher Darsberg’ to start with our set-up, soundcheck and final briefing with wedding planner Svenja Fischer. (Svenja Fischer Weddings)
It was a beautiful, sunny day and after a light lunch we changed into our classy casual suits and were all set for the evening.

It was around 6pm, the tables were set and the wedding tent was beautifully decorated, all for the motto ‘BBQ Night’. The buffet was ready to be opened, us 7 were live on stage and all guests had arrived.

Sarah and Dominic wanted to be surprised by the whole set up for their welcome Dinner Party, so it was us playing that gave them the signal to walk up to the wedding tent.

The couples main focus was to have a super chilled and relaxed evening for all wedding guests.
Kind of going with the flow especially with our song arrangements, so we started with some easy listening sound during dinner. After a few emotional welcoming words by Sarah & Dominic and once everyone had finished dinner we started playing a bit more up beat tunes. Just a few songs in, it became obvious: the wedding guests wanted to dance.

The Newlyweds were firsts to hit the dance floor and shortly after the entire wedding party danced to Mojo Pin live. From Pietro Lombardi to little one year old Mia Rose, the party was on fire. Dancing, laughing, partying – a night to remember and full of #mojopinmagic.

mojo pin mit Familie Harrison
Thank you Sarah and Dominic, for your trust and the great opportunity to be part of your memories on your most special day.


dream wedding - a real #mojopinmagic moment

We are looking forward to playing at your dream wedding.

Pat Lawson & Band